About Us

Shri Sushil Roy founded "MITRA CAFE" in the year 1920. Shri Roy derived the name " MITRA" signifying Friends' as all our customers are our 'FRIENDS' and this cafe belongs to them. During those initial days, the choice in menu was limited, so were our capabilities. However, Shri Roy never compromised with quality as a result our name and goodwill startedemerging.

After the demise of Shri Sushil Roy his wife Smt. Gita Roy retained the legacy. She personally enquired about the quality of each & every product. Due to rising prices and our endeavor to provide the 'BEST QUALITY PRODUCT" to our customers and equilibrium had to be maintained resulting in some rise in price of our products.

After the demise of Smt. Gita Roy her grandson "Shri Tapash Roy" is now in charge. With constant innovation and endeavor, many new varieties are been introduced in our menu and soon more will follow.

With the ever-increasing demand and blessing from our customers, we have successfully opened our first" BRANCH ON SHYAMBAZAR FIVE POINT CROSSING" and soon more will follow.

Our new "CATERING and ORDER SUPPLY DIVISION " is also receiving phenomenal response.