About Ashis Giri
  • Working as an Executive in All India Radio
  • Honorary Secretary General of a National Level NGO Lok Bikash Sansad, dedicated for the development of the Poorest of the Poor.
  • Associated with International Bengali Poetry Festival, Biswa Banga Kabita Utsab.
  • Former General Secretary, Press Association of Bengal

Books –

  • Modern Poetry
    Ashis Giri is a poet of New Generation, come in to focus in early Ninetees for his separate style, presentation and different form with exclusive thinking. He used the Installation art form in Bengali Poetry and wrote Bengali Installation poems. His remarkable works are (i) Pratisthapan, (ii) Shabda Bhangar Shabda, (iii) Bibhajita Samay etc.
  • Stories and Novels
    Like Bengali Modern Poetry Ashis Giri is a remarkable short story writers. Magic Reality, Virtual Reality and Conceptual Reality are the forms and subject of his short stories. A new look on the changing era is also the theme of his story. Rural India as well as Bengal appears in his writing with a changing manner.
    (i) Byakaran Badle Jay, (ii) Sada Ghorar Zin, (iii) Galpa Solo etc. are his book of short stories with essence of post Modern Bengali Literature.
  • Book of Essay and Research Work :
    Ashis Giri is a hardcore theoretician of Folk-lore research and changing scenario of Media Communication, Ethno-cultural heritage of Bengal and the Developmental Communication Theory in his special area of thinking.
  • Books of Rhymes :
    Ashis Giri writes for the children. His Books of Rhymes like Chand Mama Nay, Chhara Dugune Chhara, Garba Samaj etc. are very much popular in the field of Children Literature.
  • CDs and Cassettes :
    Ashis Giri is a famous singer of Bengali Folk Songs. Three Music Albums have been Published these are (i) Madal Bajiche, (ii) Monete Rang Lageche, (iii) Haring Jabo Bone. He is a lyricist, composer and fantastic singer. Directed and produced Samudra Kabita and Swara Barna, two Audio Visual Albums of Bengali Poems.

Published Works :

  1. Shabda Bhanger Shabda (Book of Poems)
  2. Pratisthapan (do)
  3. Bibhajita Samay (do)
  4. Byakaran Badle Jay (Collection Short Stories)
  5. Sada Ghorar Zin (do)
  6. Galpa Solo (do)
  7. Lok Banga (Socio-ethnic Studies of Bengali Folk Culture)
  8. Haraing Jabo Bane (Bengali Folk Music Album)
  9. Manete Rang Lageche (do)
  10. Mdal Bajiche (Audio-visual Bengali Folk Music Album)
  11. Ekti Asampadita Smbad Smiksha (Drama)
  12. Chand Mama Nay (Book of Rhymes)
  13. Chande Charay Rabindranath (Jointly Edited)
  14. Chande Charay Pribesh (do)
  15. Chara Dugune Chara (Book of Rhymes)

Award and Honours: 

  1. Two times National Awards as the best Director of Radio Play, in 2004 and 2008 given by the Ministry of Information And Broadcasting, Govt. of India
  2. Award for the Producer of Radio Feature in 1998 and 2002 by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India
  3. Rupashi Bangla Puraskar for Literary Writings
  4. Kabi Nityananda Puraskar for Literary Writings
  5. Mallabhum Puraskar for Literary Writings
  6. Kabi Amitesh Maity Samman for Literary Writings
  7. Shitya Kala o Shilpa Samman
  8. Sahitya Rang Berang Puraskar
  9. Pratikatha Puraskar
  10. Sonar Kathi Samman
  11. Ekhan Sanskriti Samman
  12. Mukhosh Natya Samman
  13. Sahitya Rang Berang Samman
His Books
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