Bijalpo started in the year 1990. It is basically a forum of creative artists like poets, painters, theatre personalities & film makers. Bijalpo started its journey as a pure cultural magazine. The Bengali poetry movement of 90’s was initiated & nurtured by Bijalpo. The primary fund to publish the magazine was arranged through selling a portrait (black & white) of great singer Hemanta Mukherjee (just after his demise) by the editor Prasun Bhowmick.

Bijalpo has a strong social commitment also. It had always been proud to be associated with various social movements. Sometimes it gave the leadership, sometimes it acted from behind. Bijalpo is associated with the movement for Bengali Language & Culture. Its sister concern ‘Chithi’ started Bengali Greetings Cards which is now a phenomenon in Bengal. Bijalpo raised voice against communalism (at the time of Babri Masjid & later Godhra).

In recent times, in Singur, Nandigram & Lalgarh, Bijalpo is continuing its activities on behalf of the civil society against the inhuman development and torture on innocent civilians by the ruling classes.