L. A. N. C. E. R. S.

Literature Art National Culture Education and Research Society


A fraternal organization of the Literary and Cultural Quarterly journal Anustup, LANCERS was founded in the year 2005 with Prof. Ananda Chakrabarti as its President and Prof. Anil Acharya as the Secretary General.

This non-profit making NGO has ambitious and wide-ranging plans of substantially contributing towards the development in various fields of literature art, education and research and encouraging efforts to uphold the national culture. It is open to an exchange of ideas with various individuals and organizations who have similar thoughts and targets.

Presently LANCERS is working on a language project, creating a Bengali Corpora of 15 million words picked from the various filelds of Bengali culture and literature.

   Prof. Ananda Chakrabarti (President)

Here is an appeal to all like minded persons and organizations to communicate with:

Anil Acharya
Secretary General, L.A.N.C.E.R.S.
2E, Nabin Kundu Lane
Kolkata - 700 009
West Bengal, India
E-mail : acharya.anil47@gmail.com

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