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"Bohurupee", the lone exception among the theatre groups in India, where   the   life   of   groups   has   been   traditionally   short, has   an uninterrupted history of creative endeavour and stage production for the last 60 years being established by the doyen of modern Indian theatre, Sri Sombhu Mitra in 1948. having a repertory of nearly sixty two major productions, balanced between original plays and adaptations, between classical and contemporary presentations. between some memorables in the history of the Bengali Theatre and a few experimentations, "Bohurupee" stands out on the modern Indian theatre scene through its striving for a form and an equal concern for
relevant content.

Another dimension of the activities of "Bohurupee" has been its taking initiative in providing a base for meaningful interaction among various cultures in the country. It is proud of the fact that there has grown since a sense of togetherness among the different theatre traditions in the country. This exercise has been started long back since 1954. To the people of Delhi, Bombay, Pune, Nagpur, Patna, Jamshedpur and Allahabad etc. "Bohurupee" is synonymous with quality theatre. "Bohurupee" has been continuing its contacts with the theatre lovers of our country and presenting plays of great varieties, the common traits of which have been an economy of techniques, a complexity of themes, a discipline of the group where every actor is the first actor and a totality of effects.

From inception, "Bohurupee" has been keeping a vigilant eye on the contemporarily of content as well as productional technicalities.

"Bohurupee" is regarded the pioneer organisation which has successfully staged plays of Rabindranath Tagore, viz., Raktakarabi, Char Adhyay, Visarjan, Raja, Malini and Muktadhara, one after another, and thereby disproved the prevalent allegation of non-stageability of Tagore plays. It has produced works of great foreign playwrights Sophocles, Ibsen, Tchekov, O'neil, Brecht, Anouilh, Sartre and Sanskrit Classic Sudrak's Mrichchakatik along with the works of established Indian playwrights like Tulshi Lahiri, Manmatha Roy, Sombhu Mitra, Badal Sarkar, Vijoy Tendulkar, Manoj Mitra, Girish Karnard and Sisir Kumar Das.

"Bohurupee" is the only group in the country to have thrown up no less than three national and international awardees in late Sombhu Mitra (Padmabhushan, Sangeet Natak Award, Magsaysay Award, Kalidas Samman etc.), Late Tripti Mitra (Padmasree, Sangeet Natak Award, Dinabandhu Puraskar, Kalidas Samman), Kumar Roy (Sangeet Natak Award, Dinabandhu Puraskar) for their contribution, achievements in "Bohurupee".

Sixty Years of Bohurupee: 1948-2008

Bohurupee completes sixty years of uninterrupted production of significant plays on May 1, 2008. This theatre group is acknowledged all over the country and abroad as the pioneer of modern theatre in India. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Bohurupee plans a yearlong festival beginning on May 1, 2008.

Theatre, by nature, is always a new presentation, unlike other arts. The venue changes, composition of the audience changes and actor interact with changing audiences, every time they stage the production, even if the production remains the same. Bohurupee is no exception. Doing Theatre — compared to the art of writing or painting or sculpting or singing or even film-making, considering its market potential is, believe it or not, far more expensive. Most significantly, Theatre refuses to be duplicated. But it is more significant because with its guiding spirit for a long time Sombhu Mitra (1915-1997), this group broke new and newer paths, setting stagecraft and acting style, varying to suit new ideas, to forge new concepts, to create novel compositions, and rediscovering Rabindranath Tagore's plays on the stage.

The incessant experiment with themes and thoughts, however, needs enormous resources. Theatre production is not a one-off affair; every presentation needs new resources, in terms of finance as well as time and energy of actors. Bohurupee set the pattern of Group Theatre in India and this particular group is teamed by a large number of members who contribute their talent and time without any monetary recompense.

The importance of development of a dramatic genre, its popularity in theatre both in the past and the present day Bohurupee depended on the selection of plays and its production. On this diamond jubilee year we are trying our hands in producing three plays, namely, Rabindranath's 'Yogayog', Buddadeb Basu's 'Kalsandhya' and a modern playwright's play. These three plays in the bill are period pieces and need special treatment in set, costume design, music etc. Estimated cost is very much higher in the present day.

Bohurupee will also honour four eminent persons, who have been intimately associated with its shows, Srimati Suchitra Mitra, Sir Khaled Chowdhuri, Sir Arghya Sen, and Shri Dhiren Das. The homage will be accompanied with rendering of songs which were, over the years, integral part of the Bohurupee productions.

Bohurupee, needless to say, has hardly any financial strength to meet the expenses required. It will be gratefully acknowledged if generous sponsors come forward and help to make the occasion colourful and memorable.


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