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Products (Fire Extinguisher) of Dexter Equipments Company (P) Ltd. ...

Fire safety Equipments (Fire Extinguisher):

Multipurpose ABC Type :

Feature :

  • SuitableforABC&D Fires like wood, paper, cloth, liquid petroleum , electrical started fire & all classes of fire.
  • Multipurpose & Multi size available.
  • Also available in BC powder.
  • ISI make products.
  • Approved by all Govt. & Pvt Sectors.
  • Map 90 powder is also available.

Fire Exit Co2 Type:

Feature :

  • Suitable for class B & C.
  • Fires involving material. Like fabric, oil, gases.
  • Live electric & delicate. Machineries.
  • ISI make products.
  • Approved by all govt. & pvt. Sectors.
  • Portable & Mobile fire extinguisher.

Fire Exit (AFFF Foam):

Feature :

  • Mechanical foam type fire extinguisher.
  • Suitable for Class A & B fires.
  • Involving flammable liquid. Petroleum products or where the blanketly effect is essential.
  • Latest BIS Amendment.
  • Inside plastic lining.
  • Trolly type fire extinguisher is also available.

Fire Exit (Water Co2):

Feature :

  • Co2 Gas pressure & Gas cartage.
  • Suitable for class A fires.
  • Involving cum bustible material of organic nature. Such as wood, paper, textile, Jute etc.
  • ISI make BIS Amendment.
  • Inside plastic lining.

Automatic Moduler Type :

Feature :

  • Suitable for all classes.
  • Available in different capacity.
  • 5 KG, 10 KG, 15kg.
  • Best usages in electrical shafts, electrical panel room etc.
  • Automatic Gas Release Unit.

Dry Chemical Powder :

Feature :

  • Suitable for class B & C fires. Flammable liquid, petroleum. Flammable gases, also work effectively rapidly on plastic & electrical fire.
  • Also available in ABC powder.
  • ISI make products. 
  • Approved by all govt. & Pvt. Sectors.
  • Trolly mounted is also available in 25/50/75 kg capacity

Co2 Gas cartage:

Feature :

  • ISI MAKE Gas cartage is available.
  • Available in diferent size & capacity.
  • Used in any make extinguisher

FM 200 Gas Cylinders:

Feature :

  • Approved by all standard. Clean agent Gas flooding.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • FM-200 is the clear choice for a fast clear fire protection agent.
  • Best uses in sensor room, telephone exchange, chemical plant, Computer operation, data processing equipment & Shipyard (marine) System.