A group of Professionally qualified and experienced persons, having long  experience  in marketing various items  and in particularly ELECTRICAL   TRANSMISSION &   DISTRIBUTION LINE MATERIALS,   Started the Manufac­turing Activities of  Electrical Transmission &  Distribution Line Material   in  1981  under  the   name & Style  of   M/S. ADCO   ELECTRICAL   INDUSTRIES.

The Group  started  in  1968  as  trading Firm,participating  &   supplying  to various Govt, and Semi Government

Organisation and later started  its Own Manufacturing Unit. Now   "ADCO"   Products has acquired the reputation of "QUALITY PRODUCTS" and many departments has  accepted the  brand  and now even  stating  our "ADCO"   brand in their  enquiries  also.

"ADCO"  have  its own well  equipped Test Unit  for  regular  Routine Tests, to ensure Standard Quality of its Products.
"ADCO" Products  are  in use  at Numerous Place  since long, "ADCO"  Products has been Inspected/ Tested and Approved by various Inspection Agencies/Users Organisations.Trouble Free Operation is where We Stande.


Available Testing  Facilities:   

i)   High Voltage.
ii)   Temperature  Rise,
iii)   Milli Volt,
iv)  Galvanising Test.
v)   Mechanical  Endurance Test,
vi)   Insulator Cementing & Continuity Test.
Turnover (Group) : 2005-06. 765 Lakhs
  2006-07. 810 Lakhs
  2007-08. 895 Lakhs
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