Identity :-

Sanglap Kolkata
was formed in 1979 by a handful of enthusiastic, theatre loving youth who vowed to stage good Dramas with the objective of highlighting social evils and disparities and also to make theatre more people oriented, to take theatre to the masses and to make it mobile and also radical. Keeping this objective in mind, Sanglap Kolkata has always endeavored to produce and stage dramas involving issues that have social relevance and human values.
Director's Profile :-

Dr. Kuntal Mukhopadhyay a college and University teacher by profession holds a Ph.D degree with a thesis on "Theatre and Politics". Kuntal is both a playwright and director and is credited with the direction of a good number of dramas staged by Sanglap Kolkata. Most of these productions revolve around social realities of life. Among noteworthy productions Kuntal directed are"Dhramarajya", "Disha","Ghare Phera", "Aiyna", "Sudrayan", "Kaalchakra", "Hai Ram", "Bhavam Chaleche Juddhey", "Astarag", "Abarton", “Lathikando”, “Ratnakaar” “Nirashray” and “Amol Syndrome”.

Disha and Ghare Phera recived awards from the Drama Academy of India for the year 1993 and 1994 as the Best Production and the Best Actress respectively. Sudrayan has fetched the Best Playwright & Best  Choreography award in 1998, Kaalchakra the Best Make-up award in 2000, Hai Ram the Best Production award in 2002 and Bhavam Chaleche Juddhey the Best Actress award in 2004 conferred by Paschim Banga Natya Academy, Government of West Bengal. This can be termed as a landmark achievement for a Group Theatre to receive four laurels for four consecutive productions. This also proves Kuntal's ability as a director. Further the drama "Phula Rani Ami Tiya" scripted and directed by Sri Mukhopadhyay was staged as a joint venture project with "Natyajohn" a well-known theatre group of Bangladesh in 2001-2002 and fetched the Bangladesh Journalist Award of Best Production. For the last thirty five years Director Kuntal Mukhopadhyay has continuously engaged in writing and directing dramas being staged by Sanglap Kolkata