Festival :-

In the year 1993, when Sanglap Kolkata entered its 14 Year of existence organized 1st Sanglap Natyotsab with a number of teams from various states and also abroad. Sanglap Kolkata's main objective is aimed to making intimate relationship with Theatre Groups of different states & countries. Eminent theatre groups of West Bengal as well as groups from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Bhopal, Maharashtra, Delhi participated in this annual event in several times. Since 1993, we are organizing theatre festivals every year with great success. Seminars on issues related to different aspects of theatre are also integral part of these festival over the past fifteen years.
Sanglap Natyautsav, 2001 Sanglap Natyautsav, 2002 Sanglap Natyautsav, 2003
Sanglap Natyautsav, 2004 Sanglap Natyautsav, 2005 Sanglap Natyautsav, 2006
Sanglap Natyautsav, 2007 Sanglap Natyautsav, 2008 Participation of Natyojhon of Dhaka, Bangladesh with
"Ful Rani Ami Tia"
Theatre Work-shop by Sanglap Kolkata 2005 Celebration of 100 Nights of Sudrayan Celebration of 75th Nights of Hairam