Waris Soyaoil
Enriched with protein and valuable vitamins, our soya oil and soya lecithin has captured a huge market share. Chemical free and completely hygienic, we manufacture products under the strict surveillance and supervision of our experts. Unadulterated and double filtered, they are made from pure soyabeans which are tasty and unparalled in quality.

Waris Tea

Our tea provides a rich taste and essence. Specially prepared for tea drinkers, they contain no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. 100% natural, they are also available in various flavors of elaichi, masala, lemon and ginger. Spray dried in extremely high temperatures, they are free from contamination.

A reputed name in getable
oil making industry, we are a manufacturer and supplier of soyabean vegetable oil. Our extensive range includes: soya lecithin, refined oil, acid oil and soya gums. Completely reliable and high in quality, we have created a strong base for our business. With dedication, motivation and commitment to excellence, we manufacture products that are pure, fully concentrated and nutritious.
Waris Musturd Oil
We offer a comprehensive range of mustard oils available in different packaging materials, retaining nutritious value and other physical properties. Organically processed, we manufacture mustard oil in a purely natural way without using chemicals. Packed in fine quality plastic bottles, we offer wholesale pack of 80 bottles at economical prices.