We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Specialised of Pick Counter & Spares for Loom, Spinning & Drawing, Tru Meter & Spares for Lapping M/c., Measuring Meters for Beaming M/c., Loom Spindles (Any Size.), Shuttle Covers 15" Ordinary & Special Quality & Shuttle Catcher, Swell Spring Ordinary & Special Quality, etc. The products procured by us are done on the basis of quality norms that are in compliance with international standards. Our products are suitable for applications both in Kolkata and India, as they are based on nationally recognized grades & specifications.

It is our belief that has been strengthened with years of experience that none of the services offered are complete without a universal feature i.e. Economy. We combine this element with all others that we have to present a customized package for our customers who have never found a reason to look for alternatives since we first served them.

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