Charity Mortality, Renunciation, Wisdom. Effort, Patience, Truth, Determination, Universal Love and Equanimity are the main aims & objects of the Institution "Central Calcutta Medical & Technological Research Institute". Innovations and development in technology are so fast in all aspects. The institution being a. highly principled and successful training and coaching centre has bestowed pride and honour providing its successful students to different government and private hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories for high ranking research centres even individually all-over the country. So many instants are there that service holders start their part time earns after their scheduled employment. This institute is no more a proprietorship nor a high profiler's privilege. It is very much within the reach of the middle class, thanks to its more probabilities which has been instrumental in promoting and establishing its more affiliated branches all over the country for the benefit of the people while the relationship of this stature with medical terms. Syllabus and other curriculum of the courses has been created with the help of some renowned technologists and physicians, yet we await advice of well-wishers to rectify our errors in next edition.