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Liposuction is removal of excess fat from different parts of the body. Buttocks, thighs, back, abdomen, arms and sometimes breasts are the usual sites from where liposuction is done. Small incisions are made on the skin through which specially designed canulae of different sizes for different areas are introduced. These canulae are then attached with a high speed suction machine through suction tubes. Fat gets liquefied due to vibration of specially designed canula and sucked out by the suction machine. Small areas can be done under local anaesthesia but larger areas require general anaesthesia. After a rest for few hours post operatively patient can go home. Like any other operation liposuction has also some complications like infection, bleeding, swelling, bruising & numbness. Surface irregularity is another main problem of liposuction and may require repeat surgery. Most patients are back to work within a week. Post operatively patient should wear pressure garment to help in good shrinkage and body contour.

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