News Bulletin :
: From The President's Pen :

Dear Colleague,

Since I took over charge of IMA Calcutta Branch in May 2010, as President, this is for the first time I have the honour and opportunity to communicate with you. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kind support and faith in me. I will endeavour to prove myself worthy of the honour bestowed on me. I convey to you and your family members Season's Greetings and my best wishes for a happy and prosperous New year.
Since, the new team took over, many good programmes have been organised by the IMA Calcutta branch. We observed Doctor's Day in a grand manner. Two CME programmes were organised in the office premises. World Heart Day was organised in collaboration with Rotary Club at Calcutta Rowing Club. I hope you enjoyed all these programmes.
Apart from CME programmes we also organised day long Dharna against arbitrary decision of Government of India to dissolve MCI and replace it with a board of six members to run the MCI. We also met the Health committee of State Government and put forward our points about the Clinical Establishment Act. Details of these activities are given in this news bulletin by our very active and dynamic Secretary. Friends, IMA as well as medical profession is going through a very critical phase. The Government of India is determined to change the medical education in the
country. The 76 years old MCI is being changed. A three and half years medical course is being started in the name of "Bachelor of Rural Health Care (BRHC)", a clinical establishment act has been passed by the Government of India, though health is a state subject. The adhoc MCI board is taking policy decisions like. Common medical Entrance Examination, Exit test for Medical Graduate etc. This way the whole system is being revamped which has been working till date for thebetterment of health of our people .
A new ethics and etiquette has been passed to regulate the medical practice. On top of all these, the new board of MCI has suspended Registration of President and Secretary of IMA. This new board is working as Monarch, disregarding all the rules, regulations and procedures.
In this scenario it has become imperative for the medical fraternity to get united strongly and fight for the rights of the medical professionals, as well as betterment of medical education and health delivery system of the country.
Please attend all the programmes of the IMA and give your valuable opinions and
suggestions to improve our activities.

Thanking you.
Long Live IMA.

Dr. R. D. Dubey

: Hony. Secretary Speaks :

Dear Members,
                       HAPPY NEW YEAR !
I have two (2) very important and enjoyable news to share with you.
      (1)   Firstly, I am very proud to inform you the following achievements of the
             members of our branch -----
               (I)  Our members who have been elected at the All India Level, for the posts of —
               (i)   DR. NEMAI C NATH ,       Editor-Journal of Indian Medical Association,
               (ii)  DR. S ARB ARI DUTTA,   Secretary-Journal of Indian Medical Association,
               (iii)   DR. R. D. DUBEY,               Jt. Finance Secretary (IMA HQ)               
               (iv)  DR. P. K. NEMANI,             Editor-Your Health of IMA
      (2)  HAT - TRICK NEWS !!
             DR. AMARNATH DE
---- the three senior members of IMA Calcutta Branch,
             (all of them 1968 Batch Medicos) have been elected three (3) SUCCESSIVE PRESIDENTS              OF OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WEST BENGAL.
      (3)  DR. SABITRI DE, a member of our executive committee, has been awarded
             'Roll-model Certificate and Award' by the Department of Social Welfare, Govt, of
             West Bengal on 3rd December, 2010 at Rabindra Sadan.
I sincerely hope in the next issue I shall have to spare more space to accommodate the names of the achievers.
             (II) The second one is about a GALA RIVER CRUISE ! This year, we shall arrange
             our ANNUAL PICNIC on a large boat sailing over the river Ganges. Don't
             you think it's a novel idea ? If so, enroll your name (with your family members)
             immediately at our branch office. Only Rs. 400.00 per person will be charged
             for all the food and fun which starts with the breakfast at 10 A.M. on 23rd
             JANUARY, 2011
at the MILLENNIUM PARK, KOLKATA. O.K. then, see you
                                             With all the Best Wishes and love   ------          
                                                                                                                    Dr. Chandan Banerjee
                                                                                                                           (Hony. Secretary)

: Annual General Meeting 2010 :

Instead of being held in any five-star hotel or other foreign venue, this year the Annual General Meeting of IMA-Calcutta Branch was arranged in home ground i.e., at the branch office, 67, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata-700 013 on 5th June, 2010 at 4 p.m. The climate was very hot & humid and the venue was not A.C. but the 78 members attended the A.G.M., sweated for more than two hours in the meeting to offer their invaluable suggestions and advice. Many senior members appreciated the recent issues of the bulletin of our branch- TMA Calcutta News' especially the APRIL 2010 issue. They also praised and thanked the Hony. Secretary DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE to be bold enough to write a letter to the Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India to point out the confusion arising out of his comments about the proper 'Health Care Delivery' while delivering the final verdict in a case (published in the April- 2010 issue). DR. URMILA KHANNA the outgoing President presided over the meeting and at the end handed over the charge to the newly elected President DR. R. D. DUBEY, so did all the other office bearers.

: Scientific Session :

1) On 7th April - 2010, WORLD HEALTH DAY was observed in two different places by our branch. This year, the theme of WHO was "1000 Cities -1000 Lives, Urban Health Matters".
         A) On the occasion of World Health Day - 2010, a seminar was organised by Indian Medical              Association, Calcutta Branch jointly with The Calcutta Medical Research Institute at their              auditorium, on 7th April -2010.
             The Seminar was inaugurated by DR. PRADIP KUMAR MITRA, Director, IPGMER, Kolkata;              DR. URMILA KHANNA, President IMA Calcutta Branch; DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, Hony.              Secretary, IMA Calcutta Branch; DR. P. K. NEMANI, Vice-President, IMA Calcutta Branch;              DR. MALA CHATTOPADHYAY, Medical Superintendent, C.M.R.I.; MR. RUPAK BARUA,              C.O.O, C.M.R.I., Kolkata were on the dais.
             Dr. Urmila Khanna, narrated the story of inception of World Health Day at the first Health              Assembly in 1948 which was given effect in the year 1950.
             Dr. Pradeep Kumar Nemani, spoke on Urbanization and Challenges to Health. Dr. Mala
              Chattopadhya presented her topic in Disaster Management in Hospitals. Dr.              Chandan Banerjee presented a brief summary on the activities of World Health              Organisation.
             The seminar was attended by more than 100 Medical Professionals from different              parts of the city. Everybody enjoyed the programme.

         B) Indian Medical Association, Calcutta Branch along with Rotary International District              3291, organised "WORLD HEALTH DAY - 2010" on 7th April, 2010 at Rotary Sadan,              Chowringhee Road, Kolkata.
             RTN. DEBOJIT CHOUDHURY, President of Rotary Club of Belvedere Gardens Calcutta,              welcomed the dignitaries on the dais by presenting flower bouquet and addressed the              audience. DR. SUDIPTO ROY, Past National President of IMA and MLA, W.B. Assembly              and also a Rotarian inaugurated the programme.
             DR. R. D. DUBEY, President, IMA Calcutta Branch, spoke about this year's theme and its              importance in the scenario of rapid urbanisation all over the World.
             PROF. JOYSHREE ROY from Jadavpur University spoke about effect of urbanisation on              climate change and health.
             DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, Hony. Secretary, IMA Calcutta Branch spoke about the              "Health Hazards of Rapid Urbanisation and How to mitigate it".
             RTN. RAJENDRA KHANDELWAL, DGE of RI District 3291, addressed the audience and              lauded the efforts of IMA for organising many Health Awareness Programmes for the              common people.
             PROF. SANDIP ROY, Head of the Department, Community Medicine, KPC Medical              College, Jadavpur, gave a detailed picture of Urbanisation, Poverty, Malnutrition and              Health, in his presentation.
             DR. SARBARI DUTTA, Hony. Joint Secretary, IMA. HQ, spoke about the Role of IMA and              other NGOs in promoting the health of Urban Poor in the era of Rapid Urbanisation.
             RTN. DEEP CHANDRA, Past President, of Rotary Belvedere Gardens Calcutta, proposed              vote of thanks. Approximately 150 Doctors and Rotarians attended the programme which              was a grand success.

2) I.M.A. Calcutta Branch organized DOCTORS' DAY ON 1ST JULY 2010 at Indian Science Congress Association Hall, 14, Dr. Biresh Guha Street, Kolkata - 700 017, from 12.00 Noon to 6.00 PM.
The programme was divided into two parts. The first part was the Scientific Session in which Dr. M. M. Ghatak, spoke about "New Journey in Medical Rehabilitation Programme for Brain Injury and Stroke", the session was chaired by Dr. B. P. Chakravarty. Dr. Sudipto Chatterjee spoke about "A Rare Journey to Recovery in a Case of Severe Head Injury Patient". Dr. Asish Mukherjee, spoke about "Changing Paradigm in Management of Cancer from Cell to Gene". The session was chaired by Dr. Mumtaz Sanghamita and Dr.Prasanta Kumar Bhattacharyya. Dr. Tarun Praharaj, renowned interventional Cardiologistand Director Cath Lab. of B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre, spoke about "Cardiac  Intervention in Acute M.I".
The Scientific Session was followed by Lunch.
In the second part, all the Doctors garlanded the portrait of Bharat Ratna Dr. B. C. Roy. DR. R. D. DUBEY, President I.M.A. Calcutta Branch, presided over the function. DR. M.M. GHATAK, the organising Secretary, welcomed the delegates and Guests and conducted the meeting. Hony. Secretary I.M.A. Calcutta Branch, DR. CHANDAN B ANERJEE, spoke about the life and work of Dr. B.C. Roy. DR TARUN MONDAL, member of I.M.A.Calcutta Branch and HON'BLE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT spoke about the problems being faced by Medical Profession in the Country today. He also asked the Doctors to unitedly fight fornthe betterment of Health Services in the Country like Dr. B.C. Roy did. MR. M C JATUA Hon'ble Union Minister of State for Information Technology addressed the gathering and assured the Doctors that whatever help was needed from his side he was prepared to deliver for the betterment of Medical Service in the Country.
DR. NIRMAL MAJI, DR SANTANU SEN, and many other leaders spoke on the occasion. DR. RAHUL DUTTA, Vice President and DR. SUBHAS ROY, Hony. Treasurers were on the dais.
Sri M. C. Jatua, Dr. Tarun Mondal, Dr. Santanu Sen and six eminent Doctors, Dr. B. Sadhu Khan, the Endocrinologist, Dr. A. P. Majumdar, the Onco Surgeon, Dr. Bimal Roychowdhury, the Dermatologist, Dr. Namita Neogi. the Gynaecologist, Dr. R. N. Basu,  the Urosurgeon and Dr. B. N. Haider, the Dermatologist were felicitated on the occasion. Dr. R. D. Dubey, delivered his speech to end the session.
Dr Tarun Mandal, MP. Presented a nice wall clock to I.M.A Calcutta Branch office -   depicting a picture of Parliament of India on the Clock.
More than 100 Doctors of different Branches of I.M.A. attended the programme to make it uccessful.

3) On 16th September, 2010 a CME programme on "SWINE FLU-UPDATE" was organised by the IMA AMS Chapter of IMA Calcutta Branch at B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre. The speakers were DR. S. R. BAGCHI, The Principal, I. D. Hospital,Kolkata (Beliaghata) and DR. ASIT BISWAS, DDHS and nodal officer H1N1 Cell, Swasthya Bhaban. Both the speakers explained the etiopathogenisis of Swine Flu, the preventive measures, diagnosis and treatment. DR. BISWARUP CHAKRABORTY, the secretary IMA AMS organised the whole programme. DR. R. D. DUBEY and DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, the President and Secretary of IMA Calcutta Branch, DR. B. R. CHAKRABORTY, Chairperson IMA AMS, MR. S. BORAR, C.O.O. B. M. Birla heart Reasearch Centre, Kolkata, MR. R. BARUA, C.O.O. CMRI graced the occasion. 70 doctors and 30 paramedical staff attended the scientific session, which was followed by lunch.

4) On 25th September , 2010 a CME Programme was held at IMA Calcutta Branch, 67, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata-700 013 on "Management of Anaemia in Chronic Renal Disease" at 2.00 p.m. Dr. D. S. Ray, Consultant Nephrologist of R. N. Tagore Hospital, Kolkata was the speaker. This excellent session was attended by 70 doctors of our branch. Many doctors took part in the interactive session to make it a very interesting one.
DR. R. D. DUBEY, the President, delivered the welcome address and the Hony. Secretary, Dr. Chandan Banerjee gave the vote of thanks to end the session.

5) On 26th September , 2010 WORLD HEART DAY was observed by IMA Calcutta Branch in association with Rotary Medical Corps., RI Dist. 3291 at Calcutta Rowing Club (Rabindra Sarobar). The programme was named 'DARBAR -E-DIL' by
DR. R. D. DUBEY. The programme consisted of - (i) a scientific seminar about 'Life Style management in relation to Heart diseases' and (ii) a free Health Check up camp which included E.C.G., blood sugar & Lipid profile test and free consultation with Cardiologists.
The programme was inaugurated by SWAMI SATYADEVANANDA, Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan. Welcome adress was delivered by DR. R. D. DUBEY the main organiser and President IMA Calcutta Branch, followed by the speech of DG RTN. RAJENDRA KHANDELWAL, the Chief Guest.
In the scientific session, PROF. SUKUMAR MUKHERJEE led the team of the speakers namely PROF. ASHOK KAR, DR. ANIL MISHRA, DR. RAJA ROY, DR. AJAY KAUL, DR. P.K. HAZRA, DR. B. P. PANDEY and DR. R. P. VIDHAWAN. Many doctors from the audience  took part in the panel discussion to make it a very interesting one.
More than 200 persons attended the free 'Heart Check up' camp from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Everybody appreciated the nice breakfast and delicious lunch served to them. Vote of thanks was delivered by DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, Secretary IMA Calcutta Branch. Overall the programme was a grand success.

6) On 3rd October 2010, a Scientific Seminar on "RABIES' was organised by our Branch at Rotary Sadan in Collaboration with B. P. Poddar Memorial Clinical & Nursing Home, Kolkata, and Dolls Society of India. Hon'ble Justice MR. PRANAB MUKHOPADHYAY, PROF. SADHAN ROY, MR. AMITABHA MUKHERJEE, Past District Governor of Rotary, DR. SHASHIPANJA, MMIC. K.M.C. graced the occasion on the dais. DR.R.D.DUBEY, President, IMA Calcutta Branch, stressed on the need for concerted effort from the health authority, NGOs and Medical Fraternity to prevent Rabies which is 100 percent preventable if proper measure are taken timely but if not becomes a 100 percent fatal disease. DR. SUMIT PODDAR, THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR IMA-CGP OF CALCUTTA BRANCH discussed "Rabies" in details by power point presentation which was very informative. He also released his recent book namely 'The treatment of Rabies'. After the Scientific Session, the Dolls Society presented a nice cultural programme. At the end dinner was served to all the 150 delegates.

7) On 29th October, 2010 WORLD STROKE DAY was observed by IMA Calcutta Branch is association with Calcutta medical Research Institute at the CMRI auditorium at 11 a.m. On the dais were DR. R. D. DUBEY, the President of our branch, DR. MALA CHATTERJEE, Medical Superintendent CMRI and MR. RUPAK BARUA, COO CMRI. This was an awareness programme for the city about the Stroke and the related disorders. DR. K. K. DEY, the renowned Neurologists and Chief Co-ordinator, CMRI Stroke care mentioned in his speech - "The recent introduction of 'Clot buster' treatment of thrombolysis marks the new era of stroke care". This programme has been endorsed by the World Stroke Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland and it has been featured on the World Stroke Campaigns website. Many members of our branch were present but DR. P. K. NEMANI the main organizer could not be present on the dais due to illness.

8) On 30th October, 2010, a CME Programme was arranged at IMA Calcutta Branch, 67, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata-700 013. The topic was "INSULIN THERAPY IN DIABETES" which was discussed in a very interesting but lucid way by the speaker DR. P. K. KUNDU, HOD Endocrinology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata. DR. R. D. DUBEY and DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE the President and Hony. Secretary of our branch spoke briefly about the necessity of the CME programmes. 60 delegates attended the seminar which was followed by buffet lunch.

: Medical Camp :

1) 29th August, 2010: With the help of "North Narkeldanga Shib Mandir Committee"- A BLOOD DONATION CAMP AND FREE HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP, was organised by our Branch at Deshbandhu Vidyapith (107.Narkeldanga North Road, Kolkata- 700 Oil).
More than hundred needy patients received treatment.

2) 10th October, 2010 : SMT. SANCHITA MANDAL, THE COUNCILLOR- WARD NO-51 AND MEMBER-MAYOR-IN-COUNCIL OF K.M.C. arranged a Socio-Scientific Seminar on 10.10.2010. at 18, Thakurdas Palit Lane Kolkata- 700 012. She requested IMA Calcutta Branch to set up a "FREE HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP" over there in the morning session, the theme was "Health
herself. On behalf of our branch, DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, THE HONY SECRETARY, I.M.A. CALCUTTA BRANCH, delivered his lecture explaining the Role of IMA to protect the Health of the
People at large and DR. R. D. DUBEY, THE PRESIDENT offered the vote of thanks. Other members took part in the Health Camp were DR. PRADIP KUMAR NEMANI, DR. RAJIBGON CHOUDHURY, DR. ASIM KR. SARKAR, DR. SUBHAS ROY, DR. SABITRI DEY, DR. KARNA DHAN

More than 200 patients received treatment and free medicines up to 3.00 P.M.

                         When You Lose, Don't Lose the Lesson!

: Other Programmes :

1)  On 24th June, 2010 at 4 p.m. a PRESS CONFERENCE was held by IMA Calcutta Branch at the branch office- 67, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata-700 013. The purpose of this was TO PROTEST AND OPPOSE THE 3 DECISIONS OF THE
GOVERNMENT - (i) undemocratic dissolution of M.C.I, (ii) the unscientific 3½ yrs (BRHC) medical course and (iii) anti doctor & anti people clinical establish act. 17 reporters from different print and electronic media (along with the camera men) attended the conference. There were three speakers on behalf of IMA Calcutta Branch- (i) DR. R. D. DUBEY - the President, (ii) DR. CHANDAN BENERJEE- the Hony. Secretary and (iii) DR. NIRMAL MAJI -the Chairperson, Medicos & Junior Doctors Committee. They highlighted the devastating condition of the Health Care Delivery system of our state and condemned the 3 above mentioned issues by logic and reasons.
On 25th June, 2010, the views of IMA Calcutta Branch were very well reported by the print and electronic media.
2)  As directed by I.M.A. (HQ) a DHARNA was organised by I.M.A. Calcutta Branch on 15TH JULY 2010 in front of the House of Bharat Ratna Dr B.C.Roy at Subodh Mullick Square, Kolkata from 12.00 pm. to 6.00 pm. to oppose - (i) Arbitrary Dissolution of MCI, (ii) 3½ yrs. (BRHC) Course and (iii) Clinical Establishment Act as proposed by the Government. ABOUT 400 DOCTORS ATTENDED THE DHARNA WEARING BLACK BADGES. Representatives of I.M.A. Dum Dum Branch, South Calcutta Branch, Barrackpore Branch, South Dum Dum Branch, Ghughur Danga Branch, Habra Branch, Barasat Branch, Medinipur Branch, Ashok Nagar Branch, Asansol Branch, Burdwan Branch, Andal Industrial Branch, Panagarh Branch, Durgapur Branch, Durgapur East
Branch, Ukhara Branch, Bally Belur Liluah Branch attended the Dharna.
DR. R.D. DUBEY, PRESIDENT, I.M.A. Calcutta Branch presided over the programme and conducted the proceedings. DR. CHANDAN BANERJEE, HONY. SECRETARY, I.M.A. Calcutta Branch explained the views of I.M.A. regarding the three burning issues against which Dharna had been organized. DR. SARBARIDUTTA, JT. SECRETARY, I.M.A. (HQ) welcomed Dr. N. Appa Rao & Dr. Gulab Agarwal, Dr. Tarun Mandal, Mrs. Sanchita Mandal and other dignitaries who attended this Dharna. DR. N. APPA RAO, NATIONAL COORDINATOR OF I.M.A. announced the future course of action. He declared that if there is no response from the Government then Hunger Strike will be observed. DR. SUDIPTO ROY, PAST NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF IMA AND HON'BLE MLA OF WEST BENGAL spoke about the hardship being faced by the Doctors due to Clinical Establishment Act of Govt, of W.B.
He also said that we had been fighting against the 3½ yrs. course for last 30 years, as it was the brain child of Govt, of West Bengal. DR. TARUN MAND AL, Member of I.M.A. Calcutta Branch and HON'BLE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT strongly supported the view of I.M.A. and informed that he had already opposed the Government's move in the Parliament and again he will raise this issue in the next session of Parliament. DR. GULAB AG ARWAL who came from Kanpur to attend the Dharna declared that I.M.A. will go on fighting against these three issues.
MRS. SANCHITA MANDAL, COUNCILLOR of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Mayor - in - Council attended the Dharna and expressed her support for the I.M.A. movement. DR. SANTANU SEN, member of I.M.A. and COUNCILLOR OF K.M.C. spoke about the I.M.A. fight against the (BRHC) Course of Govt, of India and West Bengal Government. Many other speakers like DR. NEMAI RAKSHIT, DR. M. NURUZZAMAN, DR. KASEM, DR. NIRMAL MAJI expressed their views.
The leadership of IMA Calcutta Branch to oppose the three misadventures of the State & Central Governments was very well covered by the electronic and Print Media.

                                      AMSCON 2011 of IMA Cal Branch
           will be held on 6th February 2011 (Sunday) at COMMAND HOSPITAL, KOLKATA.
                                                            Delegate Fees Rs. 250.00
                                   (Rs. 400.00 for Members of Reception & Organising Committee),
                                                             Spot Registration Rs. 800.00
                                                 Please Contact Branch Office immediately,

              Dr. B. P. Chakraborty                                                     Dr. Biswarup Chakraborty
                Org. Chairperson                                                                        Org. Secretary