Mr. Dipankar Dhar (Course Director)

63, Rash Behari Avenue (Opp. Lake Market),

Kolkata – 700 026, West Bengal, India

91-33-464 0096

98310 59629




Contact us for Secondary (ICSE, CBSE, WB), Higher Secondary (Science, Arts, Commerce) [ISC, CBSE, WB], Degree Course (B.Sc, B.Com, B.A.) [Pass & Hons.], and JEE (Medical & Engineering).


 Tutorials’ Excellence:  


  1. Center offers active care for developing keen interests in each science subject

  2. Teaching standard assessed by students and guardians is of monumental height

  3. Exceptional teaching method is oriented to prefixed 5-point programme for JEE (Medical & Engineering) in every week

  4. Examinations are arranged on every Sunday

  5. Weekly assessment is recorded in ‘Student Score Book’

  6. Separate attention is paid to temporarily backward students

  7. Free library facilities are offered to the students throughout the course period

  8. Attendence is regularly checked and is thereby recorded

  9. Number of Xerox copies of question and workout lessons are given free to the JEE students (both media) as necessary

  10. Students are also made prepared for All India Medical / Engineering Entrance Examination & outside

Tutorials’ Performance:  


Tremendous high-standard and heart-felt teachings have been producing number of Doctors & Engineers since the year 1995 of introduction of JEE course. 186 students were selected in JEE (Med. / Engg.) in last 6 years. 301 students scored over 725 marks in HS so far


Special Notes:  


For JEE Students: Terminal sets are held in every three months. If a student is found to secure marks less than 65% in the said his/her enrolment may stand cancelled.


For Girls: Arrangement of Mixed and separate section is available for girls (students) also


For Guardians: A meeting is arranged for guardians with Course Director and Teachers in the last week of every month  


Centre’s Speciality: 100% fruitful suggestions and notes are also offered to the students for obtaining high marks and top performance.    


Opinion From Different Corners:

Medical students, Doctors, B.E. students, Guardians, and present students (Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, South Point, St. Lawrence, St. Xaviers, Ballygunge Govt. High School, Alipore Govt., Multipurpose School, Gokhel Memorial, Kamal Girls, Ashutosh College, and many other Schools / Colleges of Calcutta & outside) opine – Teaching & alround guidance on different science subjects (HS & Joint Entrance etc.) etc. are so excellent & fruitful that hardly be measured by any parameters and whether parallel such coaching does exist in Calcutta is a question.  


“We have succeded like other students of this tutorials due to dedicated & diligent teaching of our beloved Sirs…. We shall never forget….”



JEE: 17, 18, 36, 39, 53, 89, 90, 91, 113, 139, 154….

HS: 889, 835, 846, 870, 779….




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